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Looking to get your hands on some quality social media content? Leave it to us. We’ll produce bespoke assets that effectively drive large-scale brand awareness and sales.

Our content experts will handle every step of the production process, from high-level strategy to final delivery. By tapping into our private network of creators and influencers, you’ll be guaranteed to receive optimal content for your feeds.

The Social Media hype is a major driving factor that benefits business growth. Over 70% of the worlds population uses Social Media, and only 7% of businesses use it successfully to engage with their audience.




7 Day's Free Trial.



7 Day's Free Trial.



7 Day's Free Trial.



7 Day's Free Trial.

The reach across Social Media platforms is HUGE!

We are experts in breaking down these social media users that match the exact profile of your customers and creating powerful advertising campaigns that land right in their laps.

Social Media Advertising.


Social media is a big monster today day and age. It’s very large ocean uncountable content, news and information. There is no doubt that it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd when you just act “normally”. Boosting your brand awareness and your engagements requires time to think, great planning and of course the knowledge of the social media interesting facts in 2022.



Unleash the power of Facebook with multi-layered advertising campaigns that can target individuals of a certain age, gender, location and specific interests. By profiling your potential customers, Edge can create an extremely targeted Facebook advertising campaign that is served only to people that we have profiled through complex demographic layering that match your business.


Did you know that facebook owns the Instagram platform? Whilst most social media users are active on Facebook, there’s a significant portion of our social media population that frequents Instagram’s photo-sharing app more regularly for visual stimulus. The good news is that we can target profile individuals using a complex matrix of layering similar to what we do with Facebook targeting.


YouTube is a very powerful platform for delivering video content. We can deliver very precise targeting based on individuals or we can create branding campaigns by pin-dropping a location and setting a distance around that location for your ads to be shown. Our campaign results have shown YouTube to have a higher direct return on investment than traditional TV strategies.

Linked IN

LinkedIn has recently hit some critical mass in UK and has become such a strong B2B advertising platform. Right now there aren’t alot of companies that are using LinkedIn to advertise which means there’s a golden window of opportunity right now for our clients that operate in the B2B space. We can target industry, profession, turnover, earnings and more.


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